What is Integrative Modalities Therapy (IMT)?

IMT is a comprehensive collection of evidence-based interventions for eating disorders in adolescents.

Integrative Modalities Therapy (IMT) includes the following:

  • Structured family sessions that include the use of IMT handouts (e.g. a list of treatment rules, suggestions for ways to manage difficult behavior, how to shape recovery behavior etc.)

  • A simple way to code both adaptive & unhelpful parental behavior during in session family meals or snacks

  • Guidelines on sharing that feedback with parents to promote adaptive meal-time behavior

  • Weekly evaluations that assess the frequency of IMT-specific behavioral treatment targets for both the patient (e.g. eating disorder behavior, recovery behavior, skill usage, etc.) and parent

  • Easy-to-use food and behavior logs for the parent to complete

  • Clearly written IMT Handouts on "Earned Freedoms," or food responsibilities a patient may earn over time

  • A systematized protocol for giving responsibilities back to the adolescent once weight is restored

  • Adolescent friendly group exercises aimed at accepting parental control over food

  • Adolescent friendly group exercises that encourage recovery-oriented behavior in early treatment

  • Adolescent friendly CBT group exercises that teach patients to identify & dispute eating disordered thoughts

  • Adolescent friendly CBT group exercises aimed at coping with fat talk and thin ideal messages

  • Individual session guidelines to giving patients a replacement behavior to the restriction and avoidance of food: regular and appetitive eating (RAE), the practice of eating three square meals per day (with snacks)and according to one's own hunger and fullness cues

  • A focus on body acceptance and exposure (BAE) exercises conducted once the patient is weight restored & equipped with skills

  • And a lot more!

Even further, the IMT Clinican’s Manual includes:

  • A guide to selecting the most appropriate IMT interventions

  • A guide, based on patient's progress in treatment, for graduating a patient to different IMT interventions

  • A guide on how to administer both IMT handouts and IMT Measures

Sample IMT Material: